Our Story

Loren was born in Vernon at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital in July of 1980. For the next 17 years of his life, he chased life around the city on his bike, around the hills with a fly rod, and went to school first at Beairsto then Seaton.

At 17, and on graduation, he did what so many Vernon kids do – left for school and life. He went to the University of Alberta, then off to Tunisia, lived a stint in Montreal (where his first daughter was born), then it was South Africa, and a little more BC in Burnaby.

Most recently he spent 2016-2021 teaching art abroad at international schools in Taiwan and China.

Now his world is consumed by delicious Montreal-style bagels!

Loren and Marisol met on the #17 bus in Vancouver. For real. They had a common morning commute, Loren had his delightful 3-year-old daughter, Liv, who was always dancing. It was love at first sight, and Marisol came to appreciate Loren in time 🙂

Theo and Daphne came a little later, with all of their intensity and bubbly boisterous energy.

But that’s us!

Loren moved back to Vernon with the family in the summer of 2021, and Bonsai Bagels opened its doors in February of 2022.

Here’s a hodge-podge gallery in roughly chronological order…